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I’m David H. Wilkins, a Linux and Web developer living in Pelham, AL

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That Famous Red Velvet Cake Recipe

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Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake ready for delivery to a lucky family

Red Velvet Cake

There’s nothing that says Christmas Time in the South like a Red Velvet cake. Made from the same goodness that powers Santa’s suit itself, it’s the centerpiece of your Christmas party, that one dessert that everyone will leave talking about

Database Regex Performance

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Mastering Regular Expressions Comparing regex performance between MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL

MongoDB has a very rich regular expression (regex) interface. Regex is available in many of the places that ordinary character strings are accepted. While convenient to use, I had some questions about how MongoDB regex performance stacks up to regex performance in other (SQL) Databases.

Intel Graphics Configuration for Fedora 19 (Et. Al.)

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Intel Sandybridge The Intel Sandybridge i7-2620M processor is capable of overheating Linux

I’ve been plagued for the last few months with problems with my Intel Graphics on my Lenovo T420. I originally bought this laptop specifically because of traditionally great Linux support for Thinkpad hardware. I had the option of Intel vs Nvidia graphics, and I chose Intel because Gnome3 was reputed to work better with the Intel graphics.

This laptop has pretty impressive specs An excerpt from /proc/cpuinfo on Linux